The Anti-Socialites Diary 5: Misery High


Brand new school, brand new start for twin sisters Asia and Tasia McKinley. They arrive to their new neighborhood in Wide Valley hoping that high school will be exactly how fun it looks in the musicals they watched on television. They were wrong. Very wrong.

Asia finds herself being falsely accused by popular students and nearly getting in trouble for it. She hides out in the bathroom during lunch time because she has no one to sit with. She remembers the days when drawing her superhero character Bookgirl used to help her cope with social issues at school, but nothing prepared her for this isolation.

Tasia doesn't fare any better as she becomes the target of a prank by enormous football players. She is also ridiculed by her classmates during a group project and feels oddly outshined in her favorite subject math. She takes solace in science class when a student who shunned her ends up embarrassing himself, yet no amount of gaffes by her peers can shake the feelings of misery at Wide Valley High.

See how the twins get through their trying freshman year of high school and how they plan to overcome every struggle.

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