The Anti-Socialites Diary 4: #NotCool


In their final year of middle school Asia and Tasia experience their toughest challenges yet. They are in for a rude awakening when they go up against a cyber bully who writes cruel hashtags on Twitter and "The Bully Mafia", a group of students who are so ruthless Tasia has to constantly defend herself from their antics.

Asia and her best friend Celeste battle "The Hottie Clique" who attempt to sabotage Celeste's relationship with Chase. Soon after Asia finds that she can't fight the anonymous Tweeter who trends that everything about Asia is not cool. Tasia is in over her head when her seventh grade bully Sheldon joins forces with the ultimate bullies Darla and Raven. An incident during a school assembly leads Tasia to take matters in her own hands and the results aren't pretty.

When graduation day approaches Asia and Tasia are more than ready to finish their last days at East Rivers Middle School. Their middle school journey is ending for now, but they have another four years to face the unexpected in high school.

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