The Anti-Socialites Diary 3: Team Misfits


Asia and Tasia are getting adjusted to another new school in seventh grade after relocating back to their hometown over the summer. This time around they experience a culture shock at East Rivers Middle School. Asia wonders whether or not she has to get a boyfriend to fit in and Tasia ponders her acceptance in the most popular group in the school, "The Hottie Clique."

The twins quickly learn who to trust and who to avoid after a member of "The Hottie Clique" publicly betrays them. Asia meets her best friend Celeste after transferring from her class in the middle of the school year, but still struggles with feeling isolated even with the support of school guidance counselor Chairman. Tasia starts a gossip book called The T.R.uth with her best friend Rose and that spells nothing but trouble. When "The Hottie Clique" leader Vivienne gets her hands on The T.R.uth, everything spins out of control.

By the end of this pivotal school year Asia and Tasia figure out that there's a whole lot more to getting through East Rivers than earning the top grades in class.

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