The Anti-Socialites Diary 2: Middle School Blues


In The Anti-Socialites Diary 2: Middle School Blues Asia and Tasia McKinley attend sixth grade at Spartan Middle School in a new town, but some things never change. 

The moment they arrive they face neighborhood bullies. Asia has her hands full trying to choose between her cool friend Coral and her not-so-cool friend Faqua while Tasia tries her best to get the lead role in Middle School Musical. Asia and Tasia are not prepared to face the wild during Camp Education, a three day trip for sixth graders at Chesapeake Bay where one twin ends up in haunted Cabin D. In the final months of the school year Asia deals with the fallout of her decision between Faqua and Coral. Tasia vows to prove to her classmates that she is "too cool for school" after she is snubbed for the yearbook superlatives.

Asia and Tasia make social decisions in their first year of middle school that they never imagined and all these changes are giving them the blues.

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