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AlTaMiRa Books publishes original children's books and advocates children's literacy.


AlTaMiRa Books aims to promote social diversity in literature and offer differing POSITIVE images to the youth. We want them to see things they don’t normally see on television or in the magazines. We really, truly want to celebrate the beauty of being DIFFERENT.

The Anti-Socialites Diaries features the nerdy, extremely awkward, and completely uncool twin sisters Asia and Tasia McKinley. Asia and Tasia are on an epic journey: They must survive insurmountable perils, overcome tremendous challenges and defeat formidable villains at school. The Anti-Socialites™ series is a comical ode to the elementary school, middle school, and high school years that we hope our readers can make hilarious connections to with their own experiences.

The Kippington Town Secret Series is a mystery series about middle school students who discover a secret that was hidden from the town. Ria, Ramone, Collin, Natasha, Tate, and Cecilia are news reporters for their school when the stumble upon a shocking secret that changes the lives of residents in Kippington Town.

RBI Girls is a baseball series about three talented girls named Rebecca, Bianca and Isabel playing on an all-boys' Little League team. The starting shortstop, catcher, and pitcher work tirelessly for the Staten Island Finches to achieve their goal of winning a Championship and make history.

About the Authors:

Alicia and Tameka McKenzie are twin sisters who were born in Brooklyn, New York. They grew up in Staten Island, New York before moving to Columbia, MD. They both attended Spelman College and received their Bachelor's degrees—Alicia has a B.A. in English and Tameka has a B.A. in Psychology. They earned their master's degrees from Towson University. Alicia has a Master of Science in Professional Writing and Tameka has a Master of Art in Teaching, Early Childhood Education. Alicia loves writing poetry and reading books. Tameka loves teaching and fashion. They published their debut children's book series, The Anti-Socialites Diaries, in 2014.

About the Illustrator:

Rachel McKenzie was born in New York City and raised in Columbia, Maryland. She graduated from Oakland Mills High School. She is attending college and plans to become an animator and graphic novelist.

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